Ethiopia Geological Marvels

Alluring Natural Attraction

Being only one of two places on earth where the separation of tectonic plates can be viewed directly, the Afar region and surrounding areas are a must for those interested in earth’s geology. These and other Ethiopia attractions can bee seen rising from below sea level to 613m, the shield volcano, Erta Ale, is an alluring yet challenging natural attraction. Ensconced within the caldera are two pit craters of which the smallest contains the world’s only permanent lava lake. It is possible to hike to the summit and sit on the edge while viewing the continuous eruptions spectacular in the night hours.

If volcanos are not your forte then there are the Ethiopian highlands or the string of eight rift valley lakes south of Addis Ababa. Within the highlands are two mountain ranges worth visiting, the Simien Mountains which lie north of Gondar and the Bale Mountains found in the southern highlands east of the Rift Valley. Each have their own beauty with the Simiens being slightly drier and having the world famous gelada baboons and Walia Ibex while the Bale Mountains are wet and green and contain the elusive Ethiopian wolf, giant mole rat, and mountain Nyala as well as the giant lobelia.

The highest plateau in Africa is found in the Bale Mountains. Hiking abounds in both parks as well as camping. Tours that visit these natural areas include all Simien packages, the Danakil Depression tour, and the 29 day Explore Ethiopia tour or it is possible to create your own tour by combining one or more packages to see the exact Ethiopia attractions you are most interested in.