Ethiopia’s Wildlife

Wildlife Trekking in Ethiopia

As the rarest of the world’s candid species, the Ethiopian wolf exists in isolated populations wildlife trekking in Ethiopia offers a chance to see this magnificent animal. The largest grouping of wolves can be found in the Bale Mountains where there are approximately 200 individuals remaining. These wolves feed mainly on rodents including the endemic giant mole rat. The northern race of Ethiopian wolf can be found in the Simien Mountains although this group numbers not more than 100 individuals. Rare as these wolves are, they are easily spotted in the Bale and Simien Mountains especially in Chenek campsite.  If the Ethiopian wolf is on your list of must sees then consider taking our Explore Ethiopia 16 or Explore Ethiopia 29 day tour or one of our Simien Mountain tours

Wildlife trekking in Ethiopia offer a chance to see the only mammal endemic to Ethiopia which is not endangered, gelada monkey commonly referred to as the gelada baboon. With the population estimated to be close to 500,000, these primates are easily spotted in the Simien Mountains and are herbivores making them safe to sit and observe. The male gelada is a spectacularly distinctive beast sporting a golden mane and a heart shaped red chest patch. These primates can be seen on all of our Simien Mountain tours.

The Walia Ibex, Ethiopia’s rarest endemic, can be found only in the Simien Mountains where it is uncommon but often seen by hikers. The ibex is a type of goat found traversing the narrow mountain ledges and cliff faces.  It is easily recognized by the large curved horns that both the males and females possess although the male’s horns can reach 1m in length. The ibex can be viewed on our Simien Mountain tours.