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In Ethiopia you’d be hard-pressed to find a better combination of nature and culture. One of of the real treats of traveling to Ethiopia is there’ll be no crowds to hinder the experience. The experience begins with historical wonders, Ethiopia is laden with historical treasures ranging from ancient Aksumite tombs and obelisks to 17th-century castles. It is not dubbed the Cradle of Humanity for nothing; archaeologically speaking, Ethiopia is to sub-Saharan Africa what Egypt is to North Africa.

For those looking for an active adventure hiking and trekking in Ethiopia’s Simien and Bale Mountains are a perfect fit. Then there are those once in a lifetime experiences, such as exploring the surreal depths of the Danakil Depression or climbing up cliff faces to remote rock-hewn churches in Tigray.

Wrapped around all of these experiences is a cultural adventure unlike anywhere you have likely been. These wild landscapes are peopled by a wide variety of African tribes, including the Afar, the Mursi, the Karo, the Hamer, the Nuer and the Anuak. Their customs and traditions have remained almost entirely intact for centuries and provide a glimpse into a world never known in western cultures. Staying with these communities is a great introduction to a way of life once followed by all of humankind. A highlight to your Ethiopian travel is witnessing one of the many ceremonies and festivals that are an integral part of traditional culture in the region.

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